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“A very good set of lessons on what you should do versus what not to do. Thanks for setting me on the road to financial freedom!”

That’s what people are saying about Credit When Credit is Due, a straightforward course that spells out the facts about credit, loans, and personal finance. This nationally award-winning course is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide. Your clients will learn what to do to build good credit, steps they can take to improve bad credit, and using credit and loans wisely. Clients who successfully complete the course will receive a graduate packet containing three cards they can send to Equifax, TransUnion and Experian – the three national credit-reporting bureaus. By sending in the cards, your clients can add a statement to their credit reports.

Education in the classroom or on the go

Credit When Credit is Due gives you the flexibility to offer education whenever and wherever it fits your clients’ needs. Use the book with the Credit When Credit is Due PowerPoint and instructors’ guide to offer in-person classes. The online course is ideal for clients who prefer technology, or who need self-paced education that fits their schedules. Your clients can complete the online Credit When Credit is Due course on their smartphone, tablet or PC. 

Automated for you and your clients

A simple link on your website will permit clients to pay and register themselves for Credit When Credit is Due. Your agency will continuously educate and earn revenue because your virtual classroom is available around the clock.

Stores and tracks student data for you

The Credit When Credit is Due online program gathers and tracks information for online, classroom and self-study students. The online program tracks student demographics, time they’ve spent in the course, pre- and post-test scores and more. All student data can appear on the same report, or you can pull reports that focus on specific segments of information you need. The online program can also be a “testing only” device that stores and records scores for students who complete the course by book. All information is stored in a secure online system.

Additionally, all students registered in the Credit When Credit is Due tracking system are automatically transferred to a national database when they successfully complete the course.

Credit When Credit is Due is one of many financial education programs available from ACCE. To learn more about ACCE programs, go to


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