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The need for financial education is greater now than ever. Consumers have more options for managing their money and credit than ever before. Having solid, accurate knowledge about money and credit is like a safety net. ACCE’s award-winning financial education course, Credit When Credit is Due, can provide the knowledge consumers need to make better financial choices.

Credit When Credit Is Due has been successfully used by the military installations, Habitat for Humanity, Employee Assistance Programs, Welfare-to-Work, IDA programs, and correctional systems. The possibilities for using Credit When Credit Is Due in your community are endless. 

Consumers can complete the entire course online, at their own pace and as it fits their schedules. Or consumers can complete the course by using the Credit When Credit is Due workbook. The book and online course are 12 chapters long, and cover the basics of understanding credit, loans, budgeting and basic personal finance. For more information about  the online option, clicking the “Online-Students” tab at the left for students or the “Online-Partners/Agencies” tab for Partners.

Credit When Credit Is Due can be taught by a facilitator or teacher, or can be self-taught by either completing the online course or using the textbook for self-study. Each chapter is accompanied by a test that is evaluated on a pass/fail basis. When students successfully complete the course, they will be registered in a national database and sent a registration card identifying them as a graduate of Credit When Credit is Due. Additionally, students will receive cards they can send to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, the three major credit-reporting agencies, that will allow students to add a statement to their credit reports.

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